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Hrair Hakimian, an entrepreneur, recognized the significant role of e-commerce in today's business landscape. He seized the opportunity to expand Tenten's franchise shops by establishing an online presence, capitalizing on the advantages of Multi-shops stock on a single platform. This platform allows customers to explore a diverse range of products from all franchise shops, check livestock availability globally or in a specific country and select with just a few clicks to purchase products regardless of the customer’s location by selecting the nearest country to shop from, minimizing high delivery charges through a streamline operation, and empowers individual vendors to participate in the online marketplace of tenten eCommerce platform.
To enhance the efficiency of order fulfillment, the company has collaborated with DHL global shipping, leveraging an extensive network of stock availability across multiple countries.

Moreover, the user-friendly platform enables any franchise of the company to become a vendor without incurring additional charges or commissions through a unified e-commerce platform and database, all TenTen vendors worldwide can benefit by collecting online orders while maintaining their physical presence in their respective shops in any market.

The Multi-feature POS stock management system provided by Tenten online system which is synchronized in real-time with the e-commerce website, gives the feature to each vendor Tenten shop to manage their stock, currency, prices, discounts, delivery charges, exchange sizes, refunds, and payment gateways. Vendors have the flexibility to customize these settings according to regional and market requirements, ensuring suitability and adaptability to local preferences.

Any additional inquiries about this business type and wish to become a vendor, email us on [email protected]