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Anti-Bacterial Insole

The Orthoflex Insole is the basic material tenten uses on a regular basis in all productions.
TEN-TEN created a wide collection of products that covers every child’s requirements.

Always meeting the highest standards, our products are made of antibacterial materials that keep feet dry, ventilated and odor free. The arch support, breathable Orthoflex sponge and fiber board are suitable for all conditions and everyday use

It is very important that the footwear materials do not contain allergic substances.

Understand your baby's feet with Orthoflex advantage

Parents know how much care babies need to grow up healthy and strong. Baby feet are no exception to this rule, making sure that babies develop  strong, healthy feet require much awareness, few parents know that feet are one of the most complex of body parts. Flat feet are another widespread problem for babies. However, your baby’s sole won’t show signs of evidence prior age of three.
At early ages, the bottom of your baby’s feet is covered with a layer of fat that makes the foot look flat. At the age of three, if your baby’s feet does not appear to be arched, you should consult an orthopedist.

Give The best To your Baby

It has been proclaimed that 60 percent of children have problems with their feet.
Most of these problems occur because of bad quality shoes or because of badly fitted shoes. Because TENTEN understands your baby’s needs, it provides you with shoes made of highest quality materials. 

Dual Arch

Support Technology

    Tenten came up with an advanced innovation, the successful Dual Arch with its special features.
    As children’s feet continue to grow, arches develop. A good arch is necessary to help improve a child’s posture.
    The gel pump that ensures suppleness, the thermoplastic counters that support baby steps and the excellent leather used, all play a major role in making it the Ultimate insole ever. This system has endless benefits.


Dual Arch Technology is the latest insole system that has revolutionized children’s footwear. This unique insole is well featured to ensure your kids’ all day comfort.
The strongly equipped arch is provided from both sides to ensure there are no medical problems during foot growth.
Gel Pump is brilliant thinking for an active kid, especially formulated gel that pumps up air under the heel during jumping and running to provide suppleness.
Anti-Bacterial and Odor-Absorbent layer of leather is elaborated on the surface to protect the skin from irritation and allergic reaction.